Mariah Carey Covers Billboard Magazine / Plans To ‘Do A Beyonce’ For New Album

Have a gander of Mariah Carey looking sexy on the latest Billboard magazine cover.

The legendary singer’s forthcoming album ‘Art Of Letting Go’ will be released May 6th worldwide, and according to Billboard, Mimi wants to ‘do a Beyonce’.

“After waiting five years between albums, Mariah Carey finally explains the special struggles behind her all-at-once digital release, from that idol debacle (‘bamboozled’) for a need for uplifting music. It’s all been a blur”

You may be asking your self ‘What the h*ck is ‘Do a Beyonce’. Well to your utmost suprise ‘Beyonce’ is now synonymous with a surprise album release. Ever since December 13th, when the pop titan dropped the surprise release of her self-titled album, every surprise release is called ‘Beyonce’.

Well simple, Mariah Carey is not Beyonce so definitely can’t ‘do a Beyonce’. A surprise album release from the 44-year-old superstar may flop because there is no anticipation or hype. Mimi lost her mojo after ‘Emancipation of Mimi’. Ever since that critically-acclaimed album, her career has sadly taken a nosedive. The public interest in Mimi seems to have died a bit, all singles except ‘Beautiful’ have flopped massively

So Mimi needs to intensely promote her album and release it in the traditional way. Attempting ‘a Beyonce’ may cause a disaster for the album. The sheer star power of Beyonce which can only be matched by Michael Jackson made her album a commercial success

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